Welcome to ReadersMeetWriters Beta Testing 2.5

One Account, One Piece of Final Software, Still Plenty of Bugs...

Yes, things have blown up. A lot. That's beta testing. Sometimes, just getting the software into the hands of the testers is a challenge. This is, for me, Beta 2.5, with each attempt requiring a fresh restart.

But It'll be worth it if I can get this right for you guys

There are two basic steps to creating an official Beta Tester 2 account in ReadersMeetWriters.com.

Sign up for the beta test notifications

NEXT: Because of yet more wonderful problems with Wordpress, we are now exclusively on XenForo.

If you could not create a XenForo account before, you'll be able to now. So...

Create or Log Into Your
2.5 Beta Tester Account

If you're a ReadersMeetWriters Beta Tester, you're done.

STEP 3: For Book Dev Course Volunteers Only
Create a support ticket so I can manually add you
to the Book Dev Course Beta Test

Remember the first time you fell in love with words?

What is ReadersMeetWriters.com about?

Remember the first time you fell in love with words?

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